The Bomas of Kenya is a cultural centre at Langata, near the main gate to Nairobi National Park. The talented resident artistes perform traditional dances and songs taken from the country’s various tribal groups, including Arab-influenced Swahili taarab music, Kalenjin warrior dances, Embu drumming and Kikuyu circumcision ceremonies. It’s touristy, of course, but it’s still a spectacular afternoon out.



Enjoy your afternoon by  1:30 pm Pickup from your hotel within Nairobi and drive to the Bomas of Kenya.

Bomas of Kenya offers Kenya in miniature! It is a must visit to all visitors. Situated 10km from Nairobi city center, and about 1 km past main entrance of the game-filled Nairobi National Park, Bomas of Kenya lets you see the wonderful diversity of cultures that make up this fascinating country.
At Bomas different aspects of Kenyan culture are displayed including living styles, crafts, music and dancing.
The word Bomas was derived from “Boma”-a Swahili word for enclosed homestead and there are now many different “Bomas”, each one representing one of Kenya’s major ethnic groups.
You, cannot afford to miss the most exciting traditional dances and acrobatic show which starts at 2.30pm to 4.00pm during A weekdays and 3.30pm to 5.15pm weekends and public


 USD90 per person 1 person

USD 65 per person based on 2-3people

USD 60 per person based on  4-6 people

USD 55 per person based on  7-8 people


  • Entrance fees to the Bomas.
  • Transport.
  • Pickup and drop off to your hotel.
  • Our assistance at any point.


  • Drinks and beverage’s
  • Gratuities (Optional)